Marked increase in industrial production as around 1,000 facilities return to work in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA – Director of Aleppo Industry Department, Ma’an Jazba, said that there has been an increase in work and production frequency as a result of the return of five industrial cities to work after the defeat of the armed terrorist groups in their areas and rehabilitating industrial infrastructure.

In a press statement, Jazba said that production in these areas was completely suspended at the beginning of the current crisis, noting that 904 small, medium and large facilities started to operate again, 800 of which are located in al-Arqoub area, 50 iron and cables factories in al-Tayyara area, 30 other facilities in Jebrein area, and 12 heavy industries facilities in the Airport Road area.

He added that 12 facilities have been repaired in al-Naqqariyn area while 95 facilities have been reactivated in al-Sheikh Najjar city in Aleppo, and thus the number of facilities which started to operate and produce has raised to over 1,000.

Jazba indicated that the total number of operating industrial facilities in Aleppo reached 3,500 which supply the local markets with their products, stressing that the necessary facilitations, particularly in terms of work hours and the transportaiton of raw materials and products, have been provided to industrialists in al-Arqoub area.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh


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