Egyptian Tourism Minister calls for preserving Syria’s heritage from terrorism

Cairo, SANA – Egyptian Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazoua said that the whole world must work together to protect Syria’s cultural heritage from terrorism, calling for holding conference to discuss how to protect cultural heritage in the countries affected by terrorism like Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.

In a statement to SANA’s correspondent in Cairo on the sideline of the international conference on tourism security in the Middle East and North Africa currently being held in Egypt, Zaazoua said that this conference is a chance to shed light on the threat posed by terrorism to the cultural heritage of Syria, voicing hope that security will return to Syria, that it’s people will live in safety once again, and that it will be rid of terrorism permanently.

Syria’s Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi participated in the conference, during which he gave a presentation including videos and photos of the terrorist attacks on historical and archeological sites in Syria, including sites in Aleppo.

Yazigi said that international organizations must help Syria protect its heritage from terrorism, stressing that there’s no cause to fear for the future of tourism in Syria because it possess enough resources and determination, but concern should be focused on the threats to its cultural heritage.

The conference is organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the participation of 13 countries and organizations.

During his visit to Cairo, Minister Yazigi met his Egyptian, Palestinian and Omani counterparts and the Secretary General of the UNWTO, briefing them on the state of the tourism sector in Syria and the threat posed by terrorism to tourism and Syria’s heritage.

Hazem Sabbagh

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