Russian Defense Ministry: Washington does not implement UNSC resolution 2401

Moscow, SANA- The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the US is not doing any work to implement UN Security Council Resolution no.2401 while claiming Russia of violation of the provisions of the resolution.

On Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that Russia had ignored the provisions of the UNSC’s resolution on stopping hostilities in Syria.

“Before blaming Russia for allegedly violating the provisions of UN Security Council resolution 2401, it would be useful for the White House representative to get acquainted with the content of the document,” the Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

It added that the US-controlled armed groups have been attacking the troops of the Syrian Army in Eastern Ghouta daily since the beginning of 2018 in attempts to change the boundaries of the de-escalation zone in contrary to the agreements reached at the Astana meetings.

“Strangely enough, during months of massive attacks by gunmen, there was not a single word of condemnation from Washington or its European allies. But when the Syrian authorities repelled the attacks of the gunmen, Washington immediately came up with traditional false accusations of the alleged “bombing of medical facilities” in Eastern Ghouta and with the rumors invented by the loyal propaganda bodies about the alleged use of ‘chemical weapons’ [by Damascus],” the Ministry read.

“At the same time, Washington is not doing anything to contain armed groups active in Eastern Ghouta whose shelling of Damascus has been killing civilians every day,” according to the Ministry.
“As for Aleppo, the restoration of the city is underway, people are returning to peaceful life. Businesses are open, as well as markets, shops, social facilities and educational institutions, and residential dwellings destroyed by terrorists are being rebuilt. Everyone is free to visit Aleppo, as seen in regular reports made by journalists from influential western media outlets,” the Ministry noted.


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