Syrian Army regains control over new areas in Hama and Aleppo countryside

Hama/Aleppo, SANA – Syrian Arab Army units established full control over Hajila village and Mashrfeh hill in the northeastern countryside of Hama province.

Army units, in cooperation with allied forces, continued their operations in the northeastern countryside of Hama province as they engaged in fierce clashes with Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization in the area, establishing control over Hajila village and Taliet Mashrfeh to the west of al-Zinkahya village, SANA’s reporter said.

The reporter added that a number of terrorists were killed and their sites and vehicles were destroyed as a result of the operations.


Meanwhile, army units , in cooperation with the allied forces, destroyed  the last fortified points and gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and the groups affiliated to them in villages of Houber and al-Sheikh Khalil in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that the army units, in cooperation with the allied forces, have hunted the remnants of al-Nusra terrorists who fled recently from the liberated villages in Aleppo southern countryside, establishing control over Houber and al-Sheikh Khalil villages and Abu Roel al-Sharqi hill.

The reporter added that the army units inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and equipment and consolidated their positions over the hill and the two liberated villages after demining explosives planted by the terrorists in the area.


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