Russian MoD: Drones used to attack Hmeimim Airbase only available to states

Moscow, SANA – Russian Ministry of Defense stressed in a statement that the technology used in the attack with “drones” on Hmeimim Airbase and the Russian Naval CSS point in the city of Tartous is “only available to the states.”

In a response to statements by US Department of Defense Spokesman, Adrian Rankin-Galloway, who claimed that the drones used in the attack are sold in the markets and they can be easily obtained, the Ministry said in a statement that Galloway’s statements increased Moscow’s suspicions on the possibility of the US involvement in that attack.

It added that after checking up the drones used in the attack, it became clear that terrorists used such drones intensively for the first time from a distance of 50 kms based on a sophisticated technology that works based on the US GPS system.

The Ministry added that the area from which terrorists launched the drones had been defined, adding that they can launch attacks using drones from a distance of 100kms.

The Ministry indicated that all the drones used in the attack were launched at the same time after supplying them with foreign-made detonators, and they were equipped with remote controls, which proves that the terrorists had obtained such engineering solutions from one of the states.

Piskov: Russian forces in Syria possess capabilities to combat terrorist attacks

In the same context, the Kremlin Spokesman, Dmitry Piskov,  said that the Russian Naval CSS point in Tartous  city and the Russian warplanes at Hmeimim airbase possess the necessary capabilities to combat the terrorist attacks.

Answering a question on whether it was too early to withdraw Russian troops from Syria and why the Russian base in Hmeimim had been attacked by terrorists, Piskov added that “ I can mention that President Vladimir Putin said that, when the decision to withdraw our troops from Syria was taken, we were guided first by the fact that there was no longer any justification for major offensive operations.”

Piskov clarified that everyone, including President Putin, was aware that the terrorist attacks would not stop very suddenly and would continue.

“ In this case, the military units and infrastructure in Hmeimim and Tartous still have all the necessary capabilities to combat these terrorist manifestations,”  Piskov said, adding: “These attempts will continue, unfortunately, and this reaffirms the need to intensify efforts to achieve a political settlement in Syria.”

On Monday, Russian air defense thwarted a terrorist attack by 13 drones on Hmeimim airbase and the Russian Naval CSS point in the city of Tartous, according to Russian Defense Ministry.

R. Jazaeri /Ghossoun

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