Khamis: National project for administrative reform a core to build post-war Syria

Damascus, SANA-Prime Minister Imad Khamis affirmed that launching the national project for administrative reform by President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday comes within exceptional conditions, adding the project is considered as the basic core to build post-war Syria.

“The project, with that volume of a reform development process, during these exceptional conditions, bears strong messages, with all titles, that Syria, following 7-years of unjust war, began to recover and it is a strong state which fights terrorism and at the same time it goes ahead in the developmental process,” Khamis said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Wednesday.

He said that launching the project was a result of the victory of the Syrian army over terrorism, adding “the project came from the wise vision of President al-Assad and from the necessity of providing the core to re-build Syria through reforming an administrative structure for the public sides.”


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