Army establishes control over new areas in Homs countryside, kills more terrorists in Daraa

Provinces, SANA-Army units operating in the eastern countryside of Homs established control over new areas in the eastern part of al-Bayarat and in the direction of the strategic mountain of al-Hayal in the western countryside of Tadmur (Palmyra) city.

SANA reporter in Homs said that army units, in cooperation with supporting forces, destroyed the last gatherings of ISIS in the gas pipelines area to the east of al-Bayarat area.

To the south of al-Bayarat, army units continued their operations in the direction of the strategic mountain of al-Hayal, achieving large advance towards the western versants of the mountain, killing and injuring a number of terrorists while the rest of them fled away eastwards.

The reporter added that a number of ISIS terrorists were killed during the army’s intensive operations to the north of al-Bayarat area in which army restored control over the Aviation Towers area.

The reporter pointed out that members of the army’s engineering units dismantled, during the past few hours, hundreds of mines and explosive devices that were planted earlier by ISIS terrorists before they got killed or fled away due to the army’s strikes.

He added that heavy smoke billowed from the direction of Jazal oil field as a result of burning a number of wells and pipelines in the area by ISIS.


Army and Armed Forces units thwarted attacks launched by terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra on al-Manshia neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa city, according to a military source.

The source added that army units inflicted heavy losses upon al-Nusra terrorists and destroyed a number of their vehicles and car bombs.


SANA’s correspondent said that an army unit targeted with artillery fire hideouts of al-Nusra in al-Tuloul al-Homr east of Hadar city in the northern countryside of Quneitra province, which resulted in the death of terrorist Iyad Kamal aka “Moro” who was the leader of “al-Harmon Gathering” terror group along with 3 other terrorists, in addition to destroying the terrorists’ weapons and munitions.

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