Homs New Clock ticks again celebrating 1st anniversary of restoring peace and security to Old City

Homs, SANA- Amid a wide popular and official participation, Homs New Clock on Sunday returned to tick again declaring the return of all aspects of life to the neighborhoods of the city and the return of its locals to rebuild what has been destroyed at the hands of the Takfiri terrorists.

Today Homs is celebrating the 1st anniversary of restoring peace and security to the City by the Syrian Arab Army, Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi said, indicating that Syria will win the battle against terrorism and that Homs will remain steadfast and strong in the face of the challenges.

Al-Barazi added that all official, political, economic and social bodies in the province are working side by side to rebuild the city and to achieve more national reconciliations.

Homs is sending a message to the whole world today that the victory time has come and it will last till eliminating terrorism , al-Barazi said, stressing that Homs will remain steadfast in the face of terrorism and that the media war will not undermine the will and resilience of the Syrians.

He thanked all the participants in renovating the “New Clock” which is a very important cultural icon in Homs Old City.

Participants in the festivity stressed that they will remain steadfast side by side with the Army and the armed forces till defeating terrorism and restoring peace and security to the homeland.

Homs New Clock is one of the most important landmarks in Homs Old City which has become with the passage of time a part of the city’s identity. In 2011 the Clock was destroyed at the hands of the Takfiri terrorist organizations.

The Clock was built by Syrian expatriate Karjia Hadad in 1985, and it is distinguished by its unique shape as it is very similar to the minaret.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Barry

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