Velayati renews Iran’s support to Syria and Iraq in facing terrorism

Tehran, SANA, Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Senior Advisor Ali Akbar Velayati renewed Tehran’s support to Syria and Iraq in facing the attacks and crimes of terrorists’ organizations.

What’s happening in Syria and Iraq is the result of a joint conspiracy plotted by US, Zionist entity and their agents who founded terrorist organizations in the region including Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS”, al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda to destabilize the region and its resistance axis, Velayeti told Iranian FARS news Agency Sunday.

Velayeti made it clear that the governments of Syria and Iraq have emerged from legitimate elections, pointing out that Iran supports all peoples of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen and doesn’t interfere in their internal affairs.

On what is called “International Coalition” to fight terrorism, the Iranian official said this “coalition” came as a result of some countries wishful desire for a share of the war spoil once ISIS is defeated, citing that ISIS’ thoughts are so far from Islam.
Syria and Iran have close relations in many fields including trade, economy and industry.

On Sunday an Iranian delegation started in Syria a series of talks over promoting relations with Syria,

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