Australian writer: West drew image about Syria based on fabricated and poisoned reports 

Sydney, SANA – Australian Writer, Tim Anderson, professor of the political science at the University of Sydney affirmed that the image which was drawn by many countries, particularly in the west, about Syria is totally different from the facts as they depended on poisoned and fabricated reports from hired agents.

Anderson, in an exclusive letter sent via video to SANA, affirmed  that a number of NATO countries, US and many regional states such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Entity supported the infiltration of hundred thousands of terrorists and mercenaries into Syrian territories and offered them protection to serve their schemes in the area.

“ All the reports circulated by the West about the so-called  shelling schools and hospitals by the Syrian Arab army were fabricated by al-Qaeda terrorists and agencies supported by NATO countries, like the terrorist organization of “White Helmets” financed by Britain and the US, he said.

Anderson added that the economic blockade imposed on Syria by a number of Western countries aims to starve the Syrian people and increase their suffering because they resist and fight  terrorism.

Hybah/ Nisreen / Mazen

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