Mikdad to Larijani: Syria will triumph over terrorists despite unparalleled support for terrorists

Tehran, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad discussed with Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Ali Larijani bilateral relations and the latest developments in Syria.

During their meeting, which was attended by Syria’s Ambassador in Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, Mikdad reviewed the situation on the ground in Syria and the Syrian Arab Army’s victories over terrorism.

“The wisdom and bravery of the Syrian leadership and the support of friends bolstered the steadfastness of the Syrian people against terrorism for over six years, despite the unparalleled logistical support to terrorists,” Mikdad said, adding that Syrian-Iranian relations aren’t just strategic; they’re fateful because they share a common enemy and a mutual fate.

He also underlined the economic aspect of the war waged by Syria against terrorism, asserting that the continuing economic support contributes to achieving victory, and that the economic battle is no less important than the military battle.

“Terrorism and terrorists are staggered by the blows dealt to them by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in various areas in Syria, and the battle for Aleppo is a fateful one, and the decision has been made to liberate it from terrorism,” Mikdad affirmed.

He went on to say that the war waged on Syria by multiple sides didn’t spare any facet of life, as the enemies believed that they could defeat Syria in a few hours or days or months, yet years have passed and Syria is still steadfast thanks to the brave leadership of President al-Assad and the support of allies like Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.

The Deputy Minister also underlined the importance of the recent Syrian-Iranian-Russian meeting in Moscow, saying that continuing deliberation and coordination boost steadfastness in the battle against terrorism.
For his part, Larijani affirmed that Iran’s government, leadership, and people will continue providing political, economic, and military support to Syria until terrorism is defeated completely.

Larijani said that the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies give hope that victory is near, noting that the Syrian people has suffered and made sacrifices but it will triumph over terrorism, adding that the Shura Council supports the Iranian’s government’s decisions for supporting the Syrian people in all fields.

He also stressed the need to focus on the economic aspect and overcome difficulties, underlining the importance of Syrian-Iranian-Russian coordination in fighting terrorism.

Later, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reviewed with Mikdad prospects of strategic cooperation and the latest developments in Syria.

The Public and Media Diplomacy Center of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Sunday that Mikdad will hold talks in Tehran with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on the latest developments in Syria.

Mikdad’s visit to Iran comes upon the official invitation of Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari.

Iranian News Agency IRNA quoted the center as saying that Mikdad was to arrive in Tehran Sunday night heading a delegation to take part in the meetings of the Syrian-Iranian joint political committee.

Syria and Iran agreed on holding the meetings of the joint political committee during Ansari’s latest visit to Damascus last September. During the visit Ansari held talks with Syrian officials on enhancing bilateral ties and reiterated his country’s emphasis that victory upon terrorism in Syria will be due to Syrian people, army and leadership’s resilience.

Mikdad meets Jaber Ansari 

In another meeting, Mikdad discussed with Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Jaber Ansari bilateral relations between the two countries and coordinating the work in the framework of the joint political committee’s meetings to which the two sides agreed to establish earlier last month.

Mikdad said that the terrorist organizations have taken the Syrian citizens as human shields and prevented them from leaving Aleppo eastern neighborhoods through safe corridors provided by the state, adding that the terrorists’ rejection of the efforts to restore security and stability to Aleppo eastern regions come as an implementation to US agenda and its tools, the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes.

Ansari, for his part, affirmed that Iran, in cooperation with the Syrian leadership, works to increase support to Syria in order to boost its struggle against terrorism and the countries which supply it with weapons and money.

Mikdad: Syria determined to fight terrorism and will not make any concessions in this framework

Mikdad affirmed that Syria will not make any concessions in the framework of fighting terrorism and it is determined to continue fighting it till eradicating it from all of its land.

In a statement after meeting Zarif and Ansari on Monday,  Mikdad referred to the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo and in Syria as a whole.

“The hostile forces have mobilized all their capabilities to undermine Syria in the interest of the Zionist entity and these forces don’t want good things for Syria and they prefer to cooperate with Israel against the countries of the region,” Mikdad said.

He added “There is a big regional and international support for terrorists in Aleppo, but we in Syria, Iran and Russia are determined to defeat terrorism… The efforts exerted for diverting the world public opinion from terrorism and the terrorists in Syria and supporting them will only meet condemnation and denunciation whether in Syria or Iraq or by the liberals of the world.”

Mikdad stressed the necessity of fighting terrorism in Syria and Iraq, particularly the ISIS and all the terrorist groups everywhere, affirming that without the coordination with the Syrian state and its army any efforts for fighting terrorism will fail.

“We support Iraq in fighting terrorism and liberating Mosul, and the Popular Mobilization Forces have played a significant role in preventing the advancement of terrorists towards Syria because it is necessary to work and coordinate for eliminating terrorism in the region and he world, particularly in Syria and Iraq,” Mikdad added.

He indicated that a joint political committee was formed during the visit of Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari to Damascus.

Mikdad said “This is the first meeting with Zarif, we met with Speaker of the Shura Council Dr. Ali Larijani and we also met Jaberi Ansari, and the main goal of this political committee is to deepen the bilateral relations between the two countries and discuss the standing political situations in the region and the world as we agreed on continuing to fight terrorism and to help the regional and international movement find a political solution to the crisis in Syria.”

Mikdad, Velayati discuss situation in the region and Syria’s war against terrorism

Deputy Minister Mikdad also discussed with advisor to the Iranian Revolution Leader, Ali Akbar Velayati, the war waged by Syria against terrorism, the situation in the region, and prospects of developing bilateral relations.

During the meeting, Mikdad said that Syria and Iran are fighting a single war against terrorism, asserting that the alliance between Syria, Iran, Russia, and the resistance will triumph over terrorism and conspiracies concocted by certain states which are working against the interest of their people for the benefit of Zionism and imperialism.

He said that the hysteric campaign led by the United States, the Israeli occupation, and their allies like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey seeks to deprive the resistance axis from achieving victory, adding that he is confident that victory is imminent.

Mikdad also expressed appreciation to Iran for its support, stressing that Syria’s main priorities are fighting terrorism and Israeli occupation to reclaim occupied Arab lands and the rights of the Palestinian people.

“The Americans think that they can send terrorists from Mosul to Syria, but we’re confident that the Iraqi forces will foil these plans,” he said, adding that the situation in Aleppo is moving in a direction that is in favor of the forces of good and the resistance.

For his part, Velayati said that Iran will continue supporting Syria until victory over terrorism is achieved, affirming that the enemies’ dream of dividing Syria and Iraq will never be achieved.

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