CBS: Fierce media campaign against Syria aims at shaking citizens’ trust in their currency

Damascus, SANA-The Central Bank of Syria (CBS) affirmed on Thursday that what had been circulated by some sites about the World Bank’s recent report on the CBS’ reserves of foreign currency is part of the fierce media campaign which Syria and its national economy are exposed to.

The CBS said in a statement that the fierce media campaign on Syria aims at shaking the citizens’ trust in their own currency, especially during this stage which is witnessing major military victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army on the ground in all Syrian provinces in addition to the diplomatic and political victories.

The CBS explained that the report referred to a “decrease” not “collapse” in the reserves of foreign currency, adding that the report stated estimated figures as it has no true data related to Syria’s reserves of foreign currency.

The CBS went on to say that it has been working since the beginning of the crisis in Syria to maintain a balanced exchange rate of the Syrian pound as its official reserves have managed to keep the exchange rate at acceptable levels.

The CBS concluded its statement by saying that all rumors about the CBS reserves are untrue and aim at provoking doubts and fears and undermining the steadfastness of the Syrian people.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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