Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon: Syria won’t budge on backing resistance

Beirut, SANA-Syria will remain a staunch patron and supporter of resistance against the Israeli occupation and the events panning out in Syria are an extension of a July 2006 Israeli aggression against Lebanon, said Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul-Karim.

The ambassador, who was speaking to the Lebanese al-Nour Radio, described the situation in Gaza as a “criminal act that inflames the passions of the Syrian people,” hailing a “heroic steadfastness” shown by the Palestinians against the aggression.”

He cited a need that the Palestinian factions bury their differences to counter the Israeli aggression.

Referring to a victory scored by the resistance against Israel back in 2006, Abdul-Karim said that it prompted a change of scenario in some countries that saw the aggression as an auspicious precursor for their project in the region.

He called for “revisiting what happened during the July 2006 war” for, he said, “it merits re-reading.”

War against Syria is not over but the US and its allies have set about seeking settlements after sensing the risks posed by takfiri terrorist groups which they fed and backed, the ambassador opined.

He considered that a proliferation of takfiri ideology whose banner the so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” is bearing benefits Israel, warning that “terrorism will come back to haunt the same countries that have fed and backed it.”

The ambassador called for greater cooperation between the Syrian and Lebanese governments to address the dossier of the Syrians who have been displaced to Lebanon, taking a swipe against “Lebanese parties which have enticed them to come to Lebanon.”

M. Ismael

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