Russia publishes video showing downed Russian warplane didn’t enter Turkish airspace

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Defense Ministry published on Wednesday a video showing the course of the Russian warplane which was downed by Turkey on Tuesday, with the video confirming that the plane did not enter Turkish airspace.

The video was broadcast during a press conference in which Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy from the Russian General Staff, who confirmed that the downed Su-24 bomber never violated Turkish airspace and that its course was strictly over Syrian territories.

Russia’s responses to the incident so far included Russian President Vladimir Putin describing the act as backstabbing by allies of terrorism and announcing the deployment of S-400 anti-air defense systems at Hmeimim Airbase in Lattakia, while the Russian General Staff said that all military contact with Turkey has been has been cut and that any targets that pose a threat to Russian forces will be destroyed.

Hazem Sabbagh

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