“Mashroue” program targets 22,000 people till 2016

Damascus, SANA- The successful experience in the field of the small and micro loans initiated by the civil sector with the support and participation of the government has been extended to include more small productive projects such as ” MY Project” or “Mashroue” that provide thousands of jobs’ opportunities to the unemployed people.

“Mashroue” means “My Project” program kicked off in 2011 in five provinces through establishing 53 funds with an initial balance estimated at SYP 84 million to reach now 286 funds in 11 provinces with a balance of SYP 626 million, the director of the program Roza Jarari told SANA, adding that the total number of those who have benefited from the program loans reached 14,861 people and is due to reach 22,000 till 2016.

The program, which is affiliated to the Syria Trust for Development and established in cooperation with the Local Administration Ministry, aims to support the projects that contribute to improving the family’s income and local economy.

Jarari pointed out role of the small and medium enterprises in achieving the economic and social development, asserting that developing such projects is a strategic and inevitable choice to enhance the economic capability.

Mashroue program, according to Jarari, offers micro loans to support small projects that contribute to improving the poor and families in need of income, supporting all production sectors, enhancing the traditional and heritage industries and preserving them from extinction in addition to improving the Education sector through offering educational loans to the students.


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