Tishreen University wins 2015 Collegiate Programming Contest

Lattakia, SANA – A team from Tishreen University won the first place in the national finals of the 5th Collegiate Programming Contest that took place on Thursday.

Two teams from Damascus University and Aleppo University came in the second and third places, respectively.

57 teams from 12 Syrian universities, three non-official teams, two from the National Center for Distinguished Students and one from the Syrian Olympiad in Informatics, took part in the contest, which was organized by the Syrian Computer Society and Lattakia-based Tishreen University.

The results were announced hours after the finals took place, in an honoring ceremony held especially for the purpose.

Minister of Higher Education Mohammad Amer al-Mardini said the Ministry gives great attention to these initiatives and activities “that aim at empowering students to effectively contribute to building the informatics and communications sector.”

He added that these 5th national finals were an opportunity to assess the students’ progress and their ability to compete on the international level.

Minister of Communication and Technology Mohammad al-Jalali, whose Ministry is co-sponsoring the Collegiate Programming Contest competitions, promised continued support for “this constructive national event.”

He voiced the Ministry’s readiness to give excellent students in the programming field the opportunity to work in the communications domain, a step he believes will help in enriching the development process in the country in terms of providing the needed skills and qualified cadres.

At the end of the finals, which lasted 5 hours, 13 teams qualified for the regional finals of the Collegiate Programming Contest due to be held in Egypt next month.

H. Said

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