Al-Zoubi: Russia’s stance towards Syria clear and positive, Saudi regime can’t be against terrorism in a time it supports terrorists

Tehran, SANA- Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi on Monday held a meeting with officials of the Iranian news agencies and mass media at the headquarters of the Iranian Tasnim News Agency in Tehran.

Minister al-Zoubi is heading Syria’s media delegation to the 3-day’s 8th session of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union “IRTVU” meeting being held in the Iranian capital with the participation of regional and international media establishments and figures.

During the meeting, al-Zoubi gave an extensive and comprehensive review on the proceedings of the war on Syria and the terrorist attacks and embargo that target Syrian mass media.Zoubi Media1

The Minister also answered queries and questions from Iranian news agencies and media outlets on the developments of the war and the Syrian state’s efforts in confronting terrorist organizations and in seeking a political solution without foreign interference that preserves Syria’s sovereignty and independence.

Minister al-Zoubi said that the Saudi regime “which is living in internal ideological contradictions is seeking to revenge from Syria and its leadership.”

Answering a question on the reasons behind the existence of “military failure” in confronting terrorists in some areas, al-Zoubi said “There is no failure at all…but in the guerrilla warfare, each area has its private conditions, “citing an example on Palmyra City which is inhabited by thousands of citizens and which embraces a lot of the archeological monuments as the army is able to bombard the city and restore it, but thousands of citizens will be killed and the archeological monuments will be destroyed.

He indicated that in some confrontations, the armed forces withdraw from ten villages to preserve a high strategic area.

Al-Zoubi said that Jabhat al-Nusra and the ISIS terrorist organizations attacked Aleppo City with arms that haven’t been used in any war before, and they are not sold at the black market or in the whole world, but they are found in the stores of the Turkish, Saudi, and Jordanian armies.

Commenting on why the Syrian Government doesn’t cooperate with the Kurds in fighting ISIS terrorist organization, al-Zoubi said “At Geneva Conference, the Kurdish opposition had denied the help provided to it by the Syrian Government for fighting terrorism,” indicating that the number of Kurds in Syria is not two millions as it is an exaggerated number, yet the Syrian state doesn’t deal with them according to their numbers or religion and it has always considered them as Syrian citizens.

Zoubi Media

He added that the Syrian air force has carried out 400 raids against ISIS in Ein al-Arab while the warplanes of the international collation had carried out only 16 raids.

Regarding Russia’s stance towards the Syrian crisis, al-Zoubi said that Russia’s stance is clear, honest and positive as Russia stands by the Syrian state and people and everybody knows the nature of the relation between the two countries.

Al-Zoubi dismissed what has been said by some newspapers on a Saudi-Syrian meeting on the security and political levels, saying “There hasn’t been any Syrian-Saudi meeting till now and no one went to Saudi Arabia and no one came from Saudi Arabia.”

“Saudi Arabia can’t say that it is against terrorism, in a time when it supports ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations,” al-Zoubi clarified.

He added “The regime which kills the Yemeni people, can’t participate in solving the regional crises,” describing the Saudi diplomacy as a “Trembling policy”.

Hazem Sabbagh/R.J/ Barry

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