Syria, Iran and Russia discuss relations, counter-terrorism and latest developments

Tehran, SANA – Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem discussed on Tuesday with Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdollahian bilateral relations, counter-terrorism efforts, and the latest developments in the region.

“We have discussed issues of mutual concern…viewpoints were identical on the topics discussed,” al-Moallem said after the meeting, adding that “any upcoming initiative will be done in coordination with the Syrian leadership and officials.”

For his part, Abdullahian described talks between the two sides as “positive and constructive”; affirming that Iran defends and strongly supports its allies as well as it goes ahead in its policy which backs the Syrian government and people.

“The only solution to the crisis in Syria is the political one,” Abdullahian said, adding “Those who were seeking to change regime in Syria reached to an outcome that they were mistaken.”

On combating terrorism, Abdullahian said that Syria’s resistance against terrorism is great; adding that Iran’s support to Syria in this domain prevented the terrorists from achieving any success in the region or expanding the map of their terrorism.

“Anything relevant to the Iranian initiative concerning crisis in Syria will be discussed and coordinated with the Syrian officials,” Abdullahian said, affirming that this initiative will bring good to Syria and reflect the opinion of the Syrian people.

Al-Moallem, Bogdanov discuss means of enhancing bilateral relations in topics of mutual concern 


In the same context, al-Moallem discussed with the Russian President’s Special Envoy for the Middle East affairs, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov means of enhancing bilateral relations in topics of mutual concern.

During the meeting, al-Moallem and Bogdanov reviewed the outcomes of meetings held by the Russian side with countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council with focusing on the need for joint efforts to implement the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin on establishing a regional coalition to combat terrorism, based on a commitment by neighboring countries to apply the UN Security Council’s relevant resolutions.

Bogdanov later spoke to SANA correspondent about Putin’s initiative, saying it is welcomed by all parties “as they all know that their common enemy is terrorism and ISIS and the other terrorist organizations, like al-Qaeda.”

“Everybody perceives and understands the Russian logic, and therefore we have to form a wide front with the participation of every one that on the basis of the international principles and the UN Charter and the recognition of the sovereignty of states on their territories in the region and with coordination with the legitimate governments in Syria and Iraq,” Bogdanov added.

He noted that for this initiative to pass, more contacts and understandings are needed, which could be through exchanging information, coordinating the stances and officially and administratively integrated steps.

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