Syria hits back at “barrel bombs” charges at UN

Damascus, SANA-Syria affirmed that the countries “shedding crocodile tears” over the Syrian people are the same ones which have been proposing draft resolutions at the UN Security Council to cover the crimes of terrorists in Syria.

This came in two letters addressed by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry to the UN Secretary General and head of the UN Security Council commenting on allegations that the Syrian government is using “barrel bombs.”

In a letter to the UN Security Council, 71 countries, led by Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, have demanded that Syria stop what they called “the systematic use of barrel bombs,” a recurrent charge that some countries have been using to tarnish the image of the Syrian state.

The use of barrel bombs, the letters said, is one more pretext that is added to a series of excuses that some countries invoked –including protecting civilians, the humanitarian situation, chemical weapons-with a view to “shuffle cards” and turn the situation in Syria to a geopolitical conflict.

The letters said that the countries signatory to the letter have turned a blind eye to the policies of the countries that have fuelled the crisis, citing Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Israel. They also grossly ignore, the letters added, the US training of terrorists whom they designate as “moderate opposition” in camps located on these countries’ soil.

The ministry cited the close ties between the terror organisations operating in Syria and Israel as evidenced by the increasing numbers of injured terrorists who have been admitted to Israeli hospitals. Their number has already hit 2,000.

The ministry expressed astonishment at the “glaring paradox” as the letter ignores the fact that CIA is spending a billion dollars annually to train terrorists in order to establish an army of 10,000 fighters tasked with killing the Syrians and destroying the Syrian infrastructure.

The terrorists who are recipient of Western aid are showering the Syrian cities with shells and rockets that have claimed thousands of lives, most of them women and children, the letters added.

The letter stops short of mentioning the gruesome atrocities perpetuated by terrorists in Syria and the destructive role of some countries which are using the situation in it to forward their agendas in what the ministry described as an “unprecedentedly politicized and biased”.

The ministry indicated that these accusations are intended “to blacken the image of the Syrian state” and belittle its counter-terrorism efforts.

The Syrian state is only carrying out its constitutional duties by protecting its citizens from the attacks of terror organizations, the letters went on to say, a right that some countries are denying the Syrian state at the same time when they have entered international alliances for fighting terrorism.

The letters pointed out that the Syrian army is doing its best to avoid inflicting civilian casualties when terror organizations are using civilians as human shields which had been a reason that the crisis had dragged on for so long.

“The Syrian army, like the rest of armies in the world, is using traditional weaponry that had been used by the same countries which have signed the shameful letter, added the ministry’s letters.

As it vowed that Syria is bent on fighting terrorism and defending the Syrian people, the ministry, concluding the letters, urged the UN to condemn the double standard policies in fighting terrorism.

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