Two more terrorists injured in Syria moved to Israeli Poriya hospital

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA – The Israeli Poriya Hospital in Tiberias in occupied Palestine received on Wednesday at dawn two terrorists who were injured in the ongoing military operations in Syria.

One of the terrorists had shrapnel wounds in one of his eyes and in his left leg, while the other terrorist had severe wounds in his hands, the Israeli website (Walla) reported.

More than 173 wounded terrorists have been hospitalized at Poriya so far, according to the website. Three wounded terrorists were moved to the hospital three days ago.

However, there are conflicting figures on the number of injured terrorists who have been admitted to Israeli hospitals. According to Israeli sources, there are 1600 wounded terrorists at hospitals in the occupied territory.

Hospitalization is only one form of the support the Israeli authorities overtly provide the terrorist organizations with. This support has mounted to the Israeli army launching assaults on sites inside the Syrian territory to support the terrorists.


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