French citizens who visited Syria recently say situation on ground contradicts media lies

Paris, SANA_ The “Syrian Sunday” event in France yesterday focused on accounts given by French citizens who visited Syria in a solidarity trip late last month.

Members of the delegation emphasized that the visit proved to them the lies propagated by misleading media about the situation in Syria and gave them a first-hand look at the steadfastness of Syrians and their passion for life in spite of terrorism and war.

Alexei Dobral, a French lawyer and a member of the delegation, said in a statement to SANA that it is regrettable that France had severed diplomatic relations with Syria and interfered in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, adding that the French government should respect other countries and review its policy towards Syria, and respect the right of the Syrian people to live in peace.

For his part, Abdul-Nasser al-Araq from Tunisia expressed his admiration for the strong will of the Syrians who have persevered during four years of war.

A documentary movie premiered during the event documented the places that delegation had visited in Syria and featured testimonies by Syrians talking about terrorist acts committed by foreign and Arab backed-terrorists.

About 16 French and Arab figures living in France visited a number of Syrian cities and provinces late last month.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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