May 6, Martyrs’ Day in Syria and Lebanon


1889- Opening Eiffel tower to the public.

1916 -Commander of the Ottoman occupation Jamal Pasha, also known as ‘Al Jazzar’ orders to execute 21 Nationalists in Syria and Lebanon in both squares of Marjeh in Damascus and Bourj in Beirut, to be later celebrated as “Martyrs’ Day”.

1936 – King Farouk becomes King of Egypt.

1994 – Inauguration of la-Manche Tunnel between the UK and France.

Born today:

1871 – French Chemist and Nobel-Laureate Victor Grignard.
Passed away:

1949 – Belgian playwright and Nobel-Laureate Maurice Maeterlinck.


Martyrs’ Day in Syria and Lebanon.

H. Zain/ Barry

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