Oman’s al-Watan newspaper: Waves of terrorism in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon reflect level of western frenzy and failure

Masqat, SANA. Oman’s al-Watan newspaper said that the waves of terrorism in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq show the level of frenzy of the west and its pawns and the failure of their policies which combine hypocrisy, chaos, and terrorism.

In an article titled “This happens at a time when conscience is dead” the newspaper said that the attempts of those conspiring against Syria to classify their pawns and minions as either terrorists or “moderate” is an attempt to falsify fact, because they know full well that there is no such thing as moderate terrorists.

The newspaper said that the recent terrorist bombings in Syria’s Homs and Hama areas as well as the recent bombing in Lebanon reflect the failure and frustration of those conspiring against the region, noting that the groups which claimed responsibility for the aforementioned bombings in Syria are labeled as “moderate” by their western sponsors.

H. Sabbagh

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