Gaza Media Office: 3,500 Palestinian children are at risk of death from starvation

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Gaza media office in Gaza called on the international community to urgently intervene to stop the crime of Israeli occupation and the US administration in preventing the arrival of life-saving humanitarian aid and needs to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, stressing that 3,500 children are at risk of death due to famine and malnutrition.

 The Israeli occupation and the US administration are perpetuating famine against children and patients in the stricken Gaza Strip and preventing the entry of food, medicine and necessary medical needs to it in order to kill 2.4 million people in the Gaza Strip with the weapon of starvation as part of the ongoing war of genocide there for the 256th day, the media office noted in a statement on Tuesday.

The office warned that the threat of famine is now directly threatening the lives of Palestinians, which threatens an increase in the number of deaths due to hunger, especially among children, as 3,500 children are at risk of death due to starvation.

The office stressed that the crime of preventing the entry of aid, food, goods and humanitarian needs into the Gaza Strip increases the catastrophe of the humanitarian crisis, and constitutes a war crime that violates international humanitarian law, which requires immediate international intervention and the opening of Rafah and Kerem Abu Salem crossings, the entry of aid and goods and the end of the occupation’s massacres.

Nisreen Othman

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