More dead and injured in the Israel’s ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip

Occupied Jerusalem,SANA-At least four Palestinians were killed and others were wounded in the early morning of Friday as a result of Israel’s continued aggression against areas in the afflicted Gaza Strip.

Palestinian media reported that Israeli occupation aircraft bombed a school housing displaced people in the Nuseirat camp and homes west and central of Gaza , killing at least four Palestinians and wounding others.

Earlier, a young man was killed and others injured by the occupation’s bombing of residential areas near roundabout al-Awda, southern Gaza Strip, while medical sources announced the arrival bodies of 9 martyrs at the European Gaza Hospital near Khan Yunis in recent hours.

Since the start of the Israeli occupation aggression against Gaza on October 7, number of martyrs has risen to 35272 and wounded to 79205.

Fedaa al-Rahai

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