Syria calls on international community and UN to condemn Israeli aggressions on its territories

Damascus, SANA- Syria called upon the international community and UN to denounce the Israeli aggression that targeted its territorial integrity and sovereignty, and to take all deterrent measures to stop the crimes of this occupation entity.

In the early hours of today, Friday, there was a new Israeli attack on the Syrian territory, as Israel’s missiles targeted military defensive sites in the southern region, fired from northern occupied Palestine, the ministry said in a statement.

Today’s aggression, once again, confirms Israel’s arrogance and its fascist policies that targeted the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country, along with the stability of all countries of the region to drag them into a regional war, the ministry added.

Syria condemns in the strongest terms this Israeli aggression along with the attacks that preceded it on Syrian territory, and demand the international community and the United Nations, led by the UN Security Council, to condemn it and take all deterrent measures to stop the crimes and massacres committed by this occupation entity, and hold it accountable, the ministry stressed.

Syria reiterates its constitutional right to defend the sovereignty, security and integrity of its territory, which is guaranteed by international conventions and laws, the ministry concluded.

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