Syria condemns US occupation unfair aggression on many sites in Deir Ezzor

Damascus, SANA- Syria condemned US occupation forces unfair aggression on Tuesday dawn that targeted  many sites and towns in Deir Ezzor and led to the martyrdom of seven soldiers and a civilian in addition to huge losses in public and private properties.

“The US has appointed itself as a policeman for the whole world under pretexts that are condemned by the international law and the international humanitarian law,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement.

The statement added “based on that, the US should end its illegitimate presence on Syrian territory, and end its open support and fund for Daesh and other terrorist organizations.’

“Syria calls on world countries which struggle for their sovereignty, freedom and independence to condemn that aggression and reject it and demand the US to end its illegal presence and its terrorist military operations in the region,” the statement said.

The Ministry concluded by saying that Syria reaffirms its right in self-defense and bring the aggressors into justice by all means guaranteed by the international law.

The US occupation forces launched today an aerial aggression by warplanes and drones, targeting a number of villages, towns and military sites in Deir Ezzor countrysid.

Mazen Eyon

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