World Youth Festival to be held in Sirius next March with Syria’s participation

Moscow, SANA- Anton Pashkov, advisor to the head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs in the Russian Federation, revealed that the World Youth Festival will be held from the first to the seventh of next March with Syrian participation, and about 90,000 people will visit it at the Russian Sirius Center on the outskirts of Sochi.

“The working group will include 20,000 participants, 10,000 from Russia and 10,000 from foreign countries, in addition to 5,000 young Russians from all regions of the country,” Pashkov told reporters in Moscow.

He added that more than a thousand journalists from 36 countries have been accredited to work in the festival, and an international press center will operate in the Sirius University building, consisting of a hall equipped with a suitable division and containing all the requirements for journalists to work.

The regional program of the World Youth Festival is scheduled to be implemented from March 10 to 17, during which participants will visit 30 Russian cities to learn about the life of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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