Syria before ICJ: Stability of the Middle East, credibility of UN require measures to end the Israeli occupation

The Hague-SANA – Syria affirmed that the aggressive practices of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians and its repeated attacks on Syria and Lebanon constitute the clearest reflection of the failure of the international community to stop Israeli crimes , stressing that all the occupation’s acts must be ended. ​

Head of the Permanent Mission of Syria to the EU in Brussels, Ammar al-Arsan, in Syria statement before the ICJ in The Hague said that acts of “Israel” are the clearest reflection of the failure of the international community to prevent the occupation crimes and ensure the implementation of relevant international decisions.

Syria stresses the need to hold Israel accountable for its grave and ongoing violations of the provisions of international laws, the UN Charter, along with with provisions of IV Geneva Convention, he added.

Al-Arsan went on to say “The most noble of human rights is self-determination, nevertheless “Israel” is violating this right by establishing settlements and expanding them in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.

He underscored “Israel” must immediately stop all violations of its obligations in all the occupied Palestinian territories, and that entails dismantling the settlements and the racist separation wall along with compensating for the damages caused to the Palestinian people.

Al-Arsan noted that the UN must consider the additional measures required to immediately end the Israeli occupation and take the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of UN relevant resolutions.

 “Israel” has been practicing racial discrimination against the Palestinians in Gaza for a long time, long before October 7th, 2023,  through its ongoing siege of it, and its actions are part of a widespread, organized and systematic oppressive system, he said.

Al-Arsan underlined the Israeli occupation is absolutely illegal, and only describing its practices is not a solution; rather, it must be ended on all the occupied Arab territories, including the Golan.

Syria underlines the temporary nature of the occupation, and even if it were a fait accompli, this does not and will not give the occupying power the right to acquire sovereignty over the occupied territories, no matter how long this brutal occupation lasts, al-Arsan reiterated.

Al-Arsan stated that Syria reaffirms that the stability of the Middle East and the credibility of the UN system, including the ICJ, require taking measures to ensure the implementation of all relevant international resolutions to end the occupation.

He added “Israel” has not only committed the horrific acts and genocide crimes mentioned before the ICJ, it is also attacking Syria and Lebanon.

Many decades have passed and the suffering of the Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese people under the Israeli occupation continues, mainly due to the lack of a decisive and credible political will keen to implement the provisions of international law, al-Arsan underlined.

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