Mrs. Asma al-Assad receives the families of 80 martyrs of the terrorist attack on the Military College in Homs

Damascus, SANA- First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad received the families of eighty martyrs of the terrorist attack that targeted the graduation ceremony of military college officers in Homs city of on the fifth of last October.

The First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad said, during  receiving individually the families of the martyrs “during the war on Syria, many lost their homes, their jobs, or their source of livelihood, and this is difficult and cruel, but the families of the martyrs’ loss was harsher and more precious, they lost a part of their soul, and sometimes they lost their entire soul.”.

Mrs. Asma stressed to the martyrs’ families that the massacre was a great loss for all of us, we lost mothers, sisters, children, university students, each one of them had a story, a dream and an ambition, but no matter the extent of the pain and pressure, we do not give up on our principles, this belief is the source of the true power you possess.

She added that “I remember when Mr. President asked me, at the beginning of the war, to receive the families of the martyrs, I wondered about how I could relieve these families and how we could support them in this great loss. Every family I received from you, I saw that you were the ones who had the strength and fortitude because there is a belief implanted in you, and you implanted it in your children before they joined college… the belief of a homeland, the belief of belonging, love, and solidity.”.

Mrs. Asma said “All countries in the world succeed thanks to the political skill of their leaders, fight with the strength of their army and resist thanks to the resilience of their people, especially the families martyrs. Thus, all the wars in the world, despite the sophisticated, media, field, military and economic weapons, cannot defeat a people who decide not to be defeated, and you are the heart of this people.”


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