Gaza needs several field hospitals -Palestinian Health Ministry

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Palestinian Health Ministry said that Israeli occupation aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip caused severe damage to health sector.

The ministry called on international institutions to take effective steps to protect health system and provide medical aid and fuel.

The ministry added the occupation shelling went most of hospitals, north of Gaza out of service, where only three of which continue to provide services at a minimum, while the other hospitals are operating with very limited capacity, as the aid they have received does not meet all needs.

It also said with local capabilities, the dialysis department in al-Shifa medical complex has been restored after the massive destruction caused to the infrastructure of the complex due to the aggression.

Also, the ministry noted the urgent need to establish huge field hospitals to compensate for the large number of hospitals have been become out of service due to occupation’s shelling.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Shaza Qreima

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