Terrorists in Idleb prevent students from reaching Saraqib corridor to take exams

Idleb,SANA-Terrorist groups prevented students in the areas of the terrorists’ control in Idleb from reaching Saraqib corridor in Idleb southern countryside to take their basic and secondary education certificates exams.

“The terrorists prevented the students from reaching Saraqib corridor and heading to the safe areas to take their exams this year,” Idleb Education Director Nader Abdo told SANA reporter.

Yesterday, 2,700 students, of the first batch of ninth-grade students, arrived in the city of Aleppo, coming from the areas controlled by terrorist organizations, through the al-Tayha corridor in the countryside of Aleppo, in preparation of the basic education certificate exams.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Shaza Qriema

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