Syrian students in Cuba renew their support for their homeland

Havana, SANA- Syrian students in Cuban universities renewed their support to their homeland, Syria, Syrian Arab Army, Syrian people and the Syrian leadership, stressing that the blood of the righteous martyrs will remain the minaret that gives them determination and commitment.

In a statement on the occasion of the Syrian Student’s Day, the Cuba branch of the National Union of Syrian Students told SANA report that this important occasion in the history of the Syrian student movement increases them today more than ever before, insisting their hardworking in the acquisition of science and knowledge as the only way to enhance the status of the homeland and its immunity and realize our people’s aspirations for progress and prosperity, while continuing to carry pen by hand and the homeland in heart.

The statement added that Syrian students raised the flag of Syria with pride and expressed their loyalty to the student’s path drawn by the founding late leader Hafez al-Assad.

“You have proven to the world how to be an example of commitment, patriotism, and sacrifices, and you are an example of humanitarian work to face the repercussions of the earthquake disaster that struck our dear homeland Syria recently”, Syrian students in Cuba said.

The students renewed their commitment to their educational attainment to return and take their part in building their homeland.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon

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