Powder in letters sent to Swedish counties declared harmless

Copenhagen, Denmark — Investigators in Sweden determined that a powdered substance found in letters received Wednesday by several county boards was not dangerous.

Swedish media reported that employees were evacuated in some places and at least two people were taken to hospitals after the suspicious letters arrived. Several police districts issued statements later in the day saying that “after closer inspection, the powder has been found to be harmless.”

Earlier Wednesday, police in Jonkoping, a city 280 kilometers (174 miles) south of Stockholm, said no one was injured there after the arrival of ”a suspected dangerous object” — a letter with powder.

“Because it cannot be ruled out that the powder is dangerous, we have been called in to check it more closely with the emergency services,” Katarina Rusin, a police spokesperson in southern Sweden told Swedish news agency TT.

European states are witnessing a state of security alert, fearing that terrorism, which some of those countries have supported for its crimes in Syria, will return to their lands, especially after terrorist attacks took place in many of their cities.


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