Bashour: Arab-International campaign to Break siege on Syria campaign is continuous

Beirut, SANA-Ma’an Bashour, Head of International Arab Centre for Communication and Solidarity, said that “the Arab-International campaign to Break siege on Syria” which was launched before the devastating earthquake in the country will continue until removing the western unjust embargo imposed on the country.

Bashour, during TV interview with  George Galloway, Former Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, referred to many initiatives expected to be taken in that regard, the most of which is to organize “the Arab Brothers convoy to break siege on Syria” which will be launched from “the Ocean to the Gulf”, similar to Mariam Convoy to break siege on Iraq that was set off, 20 years ago, from London, under the supervision of Galloway, and headed for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia until it landed in Iraq.

Bashour, Ex-Secretary of Arab national congress, added that a mass march will take place in front of the White House in Washington by the Answer coalition, with the participation of nearly 100 association and organization, on the 20th anniversary of the war on Iraq to demand the end of the western blockade on Syria.

Mazen Eyon

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