Cultivation of tropical fruits in Tartous increases in area and varieties

Tartous, SANA-Tartous governorate cultivates more than fifty types of tropical fruits that the Middle East is famous for, the most important of which are dragon fruits (red, white, yellow and green), avocados, Cocoa and Annona squamosal, which have high nutritional values.

“Tropical crops require a climate similar to the areas in which they grow, and this is what distinguishes the area extending from the city of Lattakia to the Hamidiyah area in Tartous”, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Tropical Fruit Producers in Tartous, Nader Saleh, said in a statement to SANA reporter.

These crops do not require a lot of care, as they need water and fertilizers in the first years of their cultivation, and after that they rely on rainwater and a little drip irrigation, according to Saleh.

Saleh pointed out that this farming began in 2010, by bringing in a number of red and white dragon bushes, avocados, Annona squamosal, and Cocoa, which enjoy high a productivity and  distinctive economic return, because of their high prices in the local market, with the surplus production is exported, specifically to the Arab Gulf countries.


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