Najah Al-Attar.. cultural, scientific and humanitarian figure

Damascus, SANA- Mrs. Najah al-Attar is one of the culture flags who carried the homeland in her heart and soul, and fought for it in word, thought, deed and achievement, and gave it from her abundant production and principles.

Al-Attar is considered one of the most prominent political figures in Syria and the Arab World. She is the first Arab woman who reached to the position of Vice President of the Republic.

She was born in Damascus in 1933 and received her education in Damascus schools. Al-Attar entered the Faculty of Arts at Damascus University and graduated in 1954 , and She continued her education in Britain and obtained her PhD in 1958.

Since her school days, she participated in the struggle against the occupation in the Arab world and in support of the Palestinian cause.

She obtained certificates at international relations and artistic and literary criticism.

Al-Attar believes that the cultural project is the first project in recent era in order to build the world of the future as she worked a lot in order to expand the cultural exchange between Syria and the Arab countries and different countries of the world.

She became Minister of Culture in 1976 until 2000, and since 2000 she has played many roles through the Strategic Center for Civilizations Dialogue .

In 2006, she was appointed Vice President of the Republic, to be the first woman in the Arab world to hold a political position at this level.

The comprehensive national project for empowerment the Arabic language was the first of the cultural projects with which her tasks began.

Over many years, Al-Attar continued to write critic studies in poetry, novels and theater, writing weekly press columns and countless articles on political literature, and published a number of books on literature, criticism, politics and various studies.

Her most recent book is “President Al-Assad… A march of heroisms and sacrifices.”

Al-Attar has received a number of high honors medals like:

On October 31st, 2022, President Bashar al-Assad awarded her the Umayya National Medal.

The “Friendship of Peoples” Medal awarded by the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the former USSR.

Medal of “Polish Culture” from the Government of the Polish People’s Republic, and many other medals,

Fedaa al-Rhayiah /Mazen Eyon

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