Syria, UNFPA discuss enhancing joint cooperation in medical services

Damascus, SANA- Health Minister, Dr. Hassan al-Ghabbash discussed with the acting representative of the UN Population Fund in Syria (UNFPA), Dr. Humir Abdel-Mughni means of enhancing coordination between the two sides.

The two sides also discussed means of developing areas of joint cooperation with the aim of providing the appropriate medical services and send them to those deserving in a timely manner.

Dr. Al-Ghabbash stressed the need to enhance coordination regarding the priorities of the health sector set by the Ministry of Health, and expressed his thanks for the efforts undertaken by the UNFPA in Syrian.

In turn, Dr. Abdel-Mughni hailed the Health Ministry’s cooperation, despite of the huge responsibilities imposed by the current circumstances.

He expressed full readiness for further coordination and cooperation.

Hala Zain

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