In the presence of President al-Assad… the fifth generating set in Aleppo Thermal Power Plant kicks off after rehabilitating it

Aleppo, SANA- Six years ago, the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army liberated the thermal plant in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province. Today, the Syrian engineers, technicians and workers, with their expertise and determination and with their white hands, completed the rehabilitation of the fifth generation set.

Today also, President Bashar al-Assad was present at the Aleppo Thermal Power Station among experts, workers and technicians, to witness with them the launch of the work of the fifth group of the station after its rehabilitation, which is expected to generate 200 megawatts to supply the province of Aleppo with electrical energy.

President al-Assad was also briefed on the ongoing rehabilitation work in the other four generating sets, which will also be put into service after the completion of the repair and reconstruction work.

President al-Assad described the station’s staff as the sons of the field, expressed to them pride in their efforts, dedication and sincerity, said that Aleppo governorate has suffered more due to terrorism and sabotage than other provinces, and therefore the people of Aleppo have the right to be the biggest beneficiary of the station’s reform.

The president said the devastation and destruction of this facility was perpetrated by terrorists which the President described them as “Western forces led by the United States”

“These terrorists who called themselves revolutionaries spread darkness in the country, while you, the workers, are generating light throughout Syria,” President al-Assad said.

President al-Assad said that the different companies, which have been contacted to rebuild the station, refused to rebuild it because it was completely destroyed. However, the Syrian experts, technicians and workers were able to repair it with local expertise and with the help of loyal friends from Syria.

President al-Assad praised the workers who had to do the reconstruction works despite being close to the terrorists’ deployment areas and the blockade imposed on Syria.

“Securing the pieces was not so easy. However, in less than two years, we were able to repair the first group of this plant, and this is a very important achievement for us”, President al-Assad said..

President al-Assad added that the achievements convey a message that all obstacles and difficulties fall before patriotism, persistence and determination.

President al-Assad said the workers of Syria are on the second line of the front, as they rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism and provides effort, sweat and martyrs.

The president considered that Aleppo province has suffered more as a result of terrorism and sabotage than other provinces, and therefore, the population of Aleppo has the right to be the greatest beneficiary of the reconstruction of this plant.

President al-Assad thanked all the workers the Ministry of Electricity, especially the field workers, the technical workers, the experts, the administrative engineers, the staff and everyone who contributed during the various stages of work.

President al-Assad was accompanied, on his visit to the thermal station, by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, Minister of Electricity Ghassan al-Zamil and Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab.

MHD Ibrahim/Shaza

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