US occupation plunders a new batch of Syrian oil

Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation continued to plunder Syrian oil from al-Jazeera area, as its forces brought out tens of tankers loaded with oil and vehicles carrying military equipment from Syrian territory towards Iraqi territory through illegitimate crossings in Hasaka countryside.

Special sources told SANA that a convoy consisting of 35 vehicles, including 20 tankers, loaded with stolen oil from the oil wells which are occupied by the US occupation forces in al-Jazeera, in addition to a number of covered trucks and refrigerators, headed through the illegitimate al-Waleed crossing to northern Iraq.

The sources added that another US occupation convoy consisting of 25 tankers laden with stolen Syrian oil from the oil fields in Rmailan and al-Shaddadi, headed to Iraqi territory through the illegitimate al-Mahmoudiya crossing in al-Yaroubiya countryside, supported by US occupation forces helicopters.

A few days before, the US occupation forces transferred a convoy consisting of 55 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil to Iraqi territory through al-Mahmoudiya crossing in al- Yaroubiya countryside, northeast of Hasaka.

Nisreen Othman / Hala Zain

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