Aleppo International Airport received the first flight coming from Kuwait after ten years of cessation

Aleppo,SANA-A flight from Kuwait made  its landing in Aleppo International Airport after ten years of cessation with 85 passengers onboard.

“Direct flights “Kuwait- Aleppo- Kuwait” is inaugurated and will link the air transport movement to other airports in other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain”. The director of Aleppo International Airport, Eng. Muhammad Al-Masry said. Adding that “foreign flights that operate in Aleppo Airport, include Sharjah, Erbil, Yerevan and Beirut and it was completely furnished to receive more flights”.

Director of Business Development and Public Relations for Cham Wings Airlines, Osama Sate’, said “tow weekly flights to be operated next month to Kuwait, and the company is expanding its operation activities to add new lines”.

Archbishop Masis Zoboyan, the Armenian Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo who was at the airport to receive the passengers called on “all the Syrian expatriates to go back home after fulfilling security and stability.”



Fedaa al-Rhayiah/Amer Dawa

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