Eurasian International Conference calls for the establishment of a multipolar world

Moscow-SANA-With the participation of Syria, the international conference “Europe, Asia… Dialogue of Civilizations”, which was held by the Eurasian Dialogue Committee in the Russian Federal Council in the Russian city of Perm, discussed the current approaches to dialogue among civilizations in light of the dynamically changing world conditions.

The conference has witnessed a vast presence from various Russian regions, representatives of foreign missions and experts from many countries, including China, India, Belarus, Iran, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

“The world will not step backward since it is moving towards establishing a multipolar order based on equality, dialogue and development”, Perm Governor, Dmitry Makhonin, said during the opening ceremony of the conference.

Makhonin expressed confidence that “the conference will come with fruitful outcome in favor of equal integration among Eurasian countries.”

Syria’s Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Riyad Haddad, stressed “the importance of participating in this conference despite the events that are taking place toward changing the world order and put an end to the unipolarity of which the peoples of the world have suffered”.

“We meet today to discuss the prospects for cultural cooperation between Europe and Asia, to restore the bright history of human civilization that emerged by the first contact between these two continents and will regain its glory based on respect and dialogue between civilizations”, he said.

The link between what is currently happening in Ukraine and the topic of the conference today is a close organic link, Haddad added, stressing that “there can be no civilized dialogue between East and West in light of the US hegemony over the world, nor can Asia and Europe establish real cooperation based on common interests and respect for the sovereignty of countries unless a multi-polar world has not been established.”

“Syria had fully experienced this when tried to establish such a civilized relation, expanded the horizons of cooperation between the East and the West, but was rather met by targeting it with a devastating terrorist war that claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, in addition to coercive economic measures aimed at starving the Syrian people in parallel with the ransacking of Syria’ resources and wealth by the US and its agents”, Haddad explained.

“The expansion of NATO since 2014 aims to cutting off any contact between East and West, exert pressure on Russia and target the civilized model”, Haddad added

Haddad expressed his confidence that Russia’s friends and peace-loving countries will succeed in their endeavors to establish a multipolar world that enables countries and peoples to thrive and achieve their ambitions, away from the politics of dictates and domination”, Haddad notified.

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