President al-Assad on teachers’ Day: We need to bring up generation that faces challenges, knows meaning of giving

Damascus, SANA-On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday met teachers from all Syrian provinces who spent more than 20 years in the process of giving, who are pioneers and distinguished ones, first tutors, those who have great efforts in developing and composing books in addition to a group of administrative and scientific staff in the educational sector.

President al-Assad, in an expanded speech given to the teachers, talked about a number of political, educational, national and intellectual topics, affirming that science and learning without ethics lead to damage, and without patriotism, it leads to the destruction of homeland, so, it is not permissible for the teacher to be only as an instructor, but he/she should be educator through knowledge and good example.

The President stressed the need to bring up a generation that faces challenges, a generation that has active initiatives to search for solutions, that seeks to change the situation, a generation that controls the modern technologies and turns them for his/ her service and interests.

President al-Assad referred to the need for a graduate that belongs to the homeland, who considers himself as part of all, not to consider himself as all, to make use of the others, not at the expense of others, enthusiastic who knows the meaning of giving, not selfish, ready to sacrifice for the sake of homeland, not to sacrifice the homeland or the people for the sake of his own interests.

President al-Assad said that education is every individual in society, it is every family, and it is every specialization which practically means that it is the whole homeland.

President al-Assad added that concentration on the large gaps that we see most dangerous to deal with , and part of those negative points has no relation to war, but they occurred during war, and the most capable sector to outline these negative points is the sector of education.

“Stability and security of the homeland depends on awareness, the most important element is awareness, and the national awareness is in the first degree, all other elements for stability are important, but in the absence of awareness it is invaluable, and of course education is the most important element of those to form this awareness,” President al-Assad said.

“Today, as we end the 11th year of the war on Syria, issues become more clear with the passing of time, and the elements of that war become more apparent, whether the West that seeks hegemony or domination on the whole world, including Syria as one of the arenas, passing through the timeservers, the regimes of timeservers, whether they were Arab, regional or western in Europe, reaching to those who carry a Syrian nationality, but they are not bearers of the Homeland’s spirit and heritage, and this element is the most important in the war, because they are the entrance for strangers, and the key for each conspiracy against Syria,” President al-Assad said.

The President added that there is another factor of the same importance, which are the Syrians who loved their homeland, but they didn’t possess the sufficient awareness at the beginning of the war to know what has happened.

“Education sector will always remain a priority, because without the mindful citizen who is armed with science, knowledge and who are capable of analyzing and following up the requirements of the age, any solutions to the problems that we face today in all domains and in all sectors will remain incomplete and short-lived.. today we were able to carry out the war and defend the homeland through a mindful citizen, but with a precious price, in future, we want this citizen that we search for, who is now a student, to be not only able to defend, but most importantly, to be able to protect his homeland from any war before it starts, we want him a person who is able to analyze, to disassemble idioms that come from the outside and disassemble their poisons,” the President said.

The President added that the West today uses more human idioms, but it perpetrates more crimes against peoples of the world, but in fact, all those masks they wore during those decades, they have never been able to deceive Syria, and this is the problem of the west with Syria and the Syrian people, but the incidents that took place in Syria have forced the west to take off those masks gradually, then the Ukrainian war has come to push the west to take off what has remained of masks all at once and it became totally naked before its people firstly, and before the rest of peoples secondly.

President al-Assad said that when they want to defend Zionism, and this is continuous, they all speak in one language, lately, when they were angry with Russia and allowed violence against it, they were also of one opinion, in fact, freedom of expression and opinion is that you have one opinion which is identical with the West, this is the truth. Freedom of property is one of most important factors of Capitalism, suddenly, when they became angry with Russia, they have confiscated all properties of the Russians who live abroad, and this reminds us with confiscating the Syrian properties, Libyan and earlier, the Iraqi assets.

The President added, Therefore, Syria has proven its vision and stance, and we can’t bet on the change of the West in the near future, and this is what Syria proposed in 2005 to turn East as incidents proved the fact that we can’t depend on the west.

Mazen Eyon

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