Syrian craftsman turns stones into professionally sculpted designs

Tartous, SANA – The 75-year-old man Syrian craftsman, Bassam Sabbagh sits on the pavement in front of his shop in Safita city, Tartous countryside holding a hammer in his hand and a basket full of different kinds and sizes of stones to turn antique stone household objects into such professionally sculpted designs.

Sabbagh worked as a bricklayer and a farmer for 50 years then he dedicated himself to carving stone.

“I use simple tools, including the hammer and a basket full of stones to carve the stone and make unique heritage pieces similar to those that the ancestors used it, such as wheat jug, the mill, and others that are placed in front of the houses,” said Sabbagh.

He pointed out that the demand for purchasing handicrafts has decreased after the tourists stopped visiting the city due to the terrorist war on Syria.

Sabbagh said that his shop has the name of “Syria, the cradle of civilizations” because Syria was and will remain the beacon of the world and it will return as it was before the war.

Hybah Sleman  / Shaza Qriema

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