Parliament Speaker: National reconciliation is the inevitable and best way out of crisis

Damascus, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham stressed Thursday that national reconciliation is the inevitable and most effective way out of the crisis in the country.

Meeting a number of social and religious figures and representatives of national reconciliation committees in Sahnaya and Ashrafiyet Sahnaya towns in Damascus countryside, al-Laham said national reconciliation is the best means to face the takfiri terrorism and media falsification launched against Syria by some countries.

He reiterated the government’s continuous support for the national reconciliation process all across the country.

Local reconciliations have been achieved nationwide at an accelerated pace recently, leading to having security and stability prevailing in many areas. In this context, tens of hundreds of wanted and armed people had their legal status settled after turning themselves in to the authorities.

While calling for expanding the scope of national reconciliation to include all the Syrian areas, al-Laham affirmed that reconciliation should be based on the interests of the Syrian people and should be made with those who acknowledge the presence of others and their rights and believe in the country’s independence and sovereignty.

“Reconciliation can neither be made with the takfiris and terrorists who are seeking to destroy Syria and are killing its people…nor with the agents who betrayed the homeland,” the Speaker added.

Al-Laham highlighted the role of the civil society and influential national forces in making the national reconciliation process a success, stressing the need of sparing no effort to launch a comprehensive dialogue among all the Syrians.

Rasha Raslan/Haifa Said


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