Health Ministry: Coronavirus infection curve increases

Damascus, SANA- The number of confirmed and suspected infection cases of Coronavirus is witnessing an increasing curve according to the Ministry of Health, as 2,059 infection cases were recorded as of the beginning of September, compared to 379 cases during the same period last August.

Director of Readiness, Ambulance and Emergency Department at the ministry, Dr. Tawfiq Hasaba, ,said in a statement to SANA that there is a noticeable increase in Coronavirus cases, as 169 confirmed new cases were recorded yesterday, to be the largest daily number since the start of the rise in the number of cases at the end of last August, pointing out that the cumulative number of cases in hospitals in various governorates reach up 1,806 cases.

Hasaba added that the number of fatality is less than the previous one, as the ministry’s data said that 30 death cases were recorded since the beginning of the month until yesterday, the highest in Damascus.

He concluded that the new infections showed that the hospitalization period is less and the treatment response is larger and recorded among different age groups.

MHD Ibrahim/ Mazen Eyon

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