Government team concerned with Coronavirus calls for taking necessary measures at hospitals in light of increasing number of infections

Damascus, SANA-The government team concerned in dealing with the Corona epidemic decided to give the anti-virus vaccine to teaching staff in the Ministries of Education and Higher Education and to medical students from the fourth to sixth year, and instructed the Ministry of Tourism to demand the owners of tourist facilities, hotels and restaurants to instruct their workers to take the vaccine.

The government team during a meeting on Wednesday, chaired by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, stressed the importance of increasing the production capacity of oxygen generating and filling plants to the maximum extent to secure the oxygen needs of Corona patients, identifying sources of supplying each hospital with the quantities necessary for its work and supervising the work of private hospitals, particularly in terms of the necessary maintenance to ensure Safety and avoid any emergency.

It reviewed the readiness of the health system in public and private hospitals.

Bushra Dasbin /Mazen Eyon

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