Information Minister: Syrian TV has remained a screen of homeland and a voice of all Syrians

Damascus, SANA- Information Minister at the caretaker government, Imad Sarah said that 61 years since the founding of the Syrian Arab TV channel where it has remained a screen of the homeland and the voice of all Syrians.

Sarah’s remarks came during a phone call with al–Souriya TV Channel on the occasion of establishing the Syrian TV.

Sarah said that “ As long as we have the will despite the few possibilities due to the terrorist war against Syria, its people and its institutions, the Syrian TV will remain the screen of homeland and preserve our national principles .”

He pointed out that the war against Syria is not over yet , but rather it has taken other forms, including economic war, blockade and media war, affirming the necessity to develop the tools and content of the media.

He added that media was a strong supporter to the Syrian Arab Army at the darkest times, and faced media empires supporting terrorism.

Information Minister saluted the Syrians martyrs, who sacrificed their souls to defend Syria and its sovereignty and also saluted the media’s martyrs, numbered 41 and over 61 injured who were as a role model for us to continue work.

Haybah Sleman/Shaza Qriema

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