For second day in a row, terrorist organizations prevent locals from leaving terrorist-held areas to liberated areas via Trunbeh Corridor in Saraqeb

Idleb, SANA-  Terrorist organizations continued, for second day in a row, to prevent the families from heading towards Saraqeb-Trunbeh humanitarian Corridor which was opened by Idleb governorate in cooperation with units of the Syrian Arab Army.

Idleb Governor Mohammad Natouf told SANA in a statement on Tuesday that the terrorist groups continue to prevent the locals from heading towards the corridor through setting up dozens of barriers alongside the M4 highway, asserting that there are tens of citizens who are waiting on the corridor for their families to leave.

The Governor pointed out that there are more than 3 thousand high school students and about 3300 basic education students who are existed in the areas controlled by the terrorist groups who have full desire to take their exams in the exam centers affiliated to the Ministry of Education in the safe areas.

The governor stressed that emergency and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) teams continue to exist on the corridor for 24-hour and are ready to provide immediate assistance to the families willing to return to their homeland.

In the same context, SANA reporter said that the terrorist groups fired several waves of 23mm shells from their positions in al-Nairab towards Saraqeb city to terrify the civilians and prevent them from heading towards the humanitarian corridor.

Idleb governorate, in cooperation with Units of the Syrian Arab Army, opened Saraqeb humanitarian corridor to receive the locals willing to leave the areas controlled by the terrorist organizations to their villages and town which have been liberated from terrorism.

Hala Zain

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