Czech Journalist… Erdogan’s regime and its mercenaries commit war crimes in Syria

Prague, SANA- The Czech journalist, Marketa Kotilova, affirmed that The Turkish regime of Erdogan and its mercenaries from terrorists committed war crimes in Syria, criticising at the same time the European Union countries ignorance of its aggressive practices.

In a comment posted on her Facebook page, Kotilova warned that the practices of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in areas they occupy in Syria have the support of Washington and some Western countries.

She pointed out that Erdogan’s regime and its terrorist mercenaries in Afrin are stealing the Syrian olive and exporting it as “Turkish of origin”.

Kotilova noted that many of Erdogan‘s mercenaries including personnel from organization of terrorist Daesh, are being recruited by his regime and send them to Nagorno- Karabakh to fight there.

Hybah/ Mazen

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